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       ~ BUILDING

The new ranger was born from the Owner's enthusiasm for these great yachts. There are new yachts, and older, but none so sleek, fast and with beautiful lines and handling.

Having watched the J Yachts ENDEAVOUR and VELSHEDA racing in Antigua Classic Regatta, the Owner gained the opportunity to charter ENDEAVOUR the following year. This led to stunningly close racing between Endeavour and Velsheda , similar to what it must have been like back in the 1930's.

Following the sale of ENDEAVOUR from Elizabeth Meyer to Dennis Kozlowski, and with increasing interest in the Class, there was the real possibility to re-create a J Fleet. The Owner joined J Class Owners, Captains and Project Managers in a meeting where the J Class Association was born. With a new set of Class Rules allowing for the Replica Rebuild of each of the great J Class yachts lost to history, the Owner declared his interest to build a replica of RANGER, to the original lines plans.

Following many months of design and development of the plans, construction started at Danish Yacht Boatyard in early 2002.

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The modern J Class Yacht is significantly different to 1930 versions. Nowadays, it has to conform to stringent safety regulations - bulkheads, escape hatches etc. It has to offer the ability to cross oceans with accommodation and all support services associated with a Superyacht. All this is not easily packed into a long thin racing hull.

Today's J Class Yacht has a rig significantly larger than before, with 'state of the art' sails and control systems.

RANGER will be one of the finest and most competitive superyachts afloat.

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